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Sydney Mermaids by Mermaid Lauren

Shello & Welcome!

My name is Mermaid Lauren and I am an Illustrator, Comic Artist, part-time Mermaid... and the founder of Merfaerie!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my childhood swimming in waterfalls, learning about the world of Fae and dreaming about being a Mermaid.


Now I live in Sydney, Australia with my fin-tastic friends and want to bring the Magical World of Mermaids, Faeries and other nerdy fun to others!

Mermaid Art

Merfaerie began with a love for all things Mermaid! Dive into the enchanting world of Mermaids and their Fae friends through my new Merfaerie Collection! Shop Mermaid & Faerie art, stickers, products and more!


Be a Mermaid and Make Waves!

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    Mermaid Art, Stickers and Content for Mermaid Lovers! by Mermaid Lauren
    Sydney, Australia
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