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Best Beginner Mermaid Tails 2021

Best Beginner Mermaid Tails 2021



The question I get asked most often as a Mermaid is, “Where can I buy a mermaid tail?” There are heaps of options out there online – from crappy (and dangerous!) $10 mermaid tails to $1200 luxury fabric tails, and don’t forget the $6k+ silicone beauties!

When I first started Mermaiding, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out which mermaid tail I should start with and who was a reputable and ethical source to buy from. As a Mermaid, the last thing I wanted to do was buy some knock-off tail mass-produced in a sweat shop that would also pollute the ocean with more plastic.

I’ve always been passionate about helping save our oceans, by volunteering at beach clean-ups and plastic pollution awareness events. Just like everybody else, I am still learning and growing, figuring out which brands are environmentally friendly and take this into account as much as possible when I am purchasing a Mermaid tail.

So where can you buy a Mermaid tail?

Here is my list of Best Beginner Mermaid Tails, but keep in mind these tailmakers make fabric tails that are great for both beginners and professionals alike!

And remember – as with everything in Mermaiding – do your own research, never swim alone, and safety first!

1. Fin Fun

The #1 Best-Selling Mermaid Tails Worldwide, Fin Fun started over 10 years ago when the founder, Karen Browning’s granddaughter wanted a mermaid tail that she could swim in. From their super affordable Atlantis and Mermaiden tails, to their latest Elite range, Fin Fun offer a great range of Mermaid tails for any level! Read more about Fin Fun in my interview with them for Tail Maker Tuesday!

2. Sun Tails

While I have never personally swam in a Sun Tails, I have a lot of mermaid pals who started with these vibrant, comfortable and affordable mermaid tails! A family-owned operation, Sun Tails are great for children, teens and adults with a great range of mermaid tails to choose from!

They also have super comfy leggings and shark fins!

3. Mertailor

Not only does Mertailor create incredibly gorgeous tails, but the creator Eric Ducharme is an absolute Legend! Read more about him here in my interview where we dive into his inspiration and lovely background swimming in the Weeki Wachee Springs of Florida! What a gem!

Mertailor tails are not exactly a “beginner tail” per se, but I personally I started with one as my first “official Mermaid tail”. (I did have a crappy cardboard monofin tailskin before this, but I swam in it twice before I ditched it because it was so dangerous, but that story is for another time!)

I wanted something that looked completely professional, and found Mertailor’s tail skins so comfy and breathtakingly beautiful – exactly what I wanted in a Mermaid tail! Purchase a Mertailor tail here!

Mertailor Tailmaker Tuesday


Again, not a “beginner tail” by definition, but another one of the tails I started with and I know plenty of mermaids who did the same! They are a bit tricky to get your hands on (or should I say fins? tehehe), but they are absolutely stunning and one of my favourite Mermaid Tail Makers out there!

I definitely recommend becoming a member of their Finfolk Pod Squad to get early access to their tails before they are released to the general public, because just like swimming lobsters – they go fast! (Um, have you ever seen a lobster swimming? Seriously, go google it! Those puppies are fast!)

Also, when you become a member you get access to Finfolk’s private Facebook group and sneak peeks! Check out their ridiculously realistic and gorgeous tails here!

Finfolk Sydney Mermaids beginner mermaid tails
Mermaid pictured: @mermaidsirenity Photo by: @ourbreathlessworld

5. Neverland tails

As an official Mer-bassador for Neverland Tails, I can without a doubt recommend these beautifully handmade tails by local South Australian Tailmaker, Josie Carter. You can read more here about how Josie started handcrafting her tails, starting with the gorgeous MerBlu!

Unique and bright tails that are exquisite to swim with underwater, the best part about shopping local is that not only are you supporting an Aussie Tailmaker, but you can slash those exorbitant shipping costs from US-made Mermaid Tails. Not only that, buying local helps significantly reduce your carbon footprint….something that is very important for us Mermaids and our fight to help Save Our Oceans!

Best Beginner Mermaid Tails 2021 Neverland Tails

Do you know of a great beginner Mermaid tail that I haven’t included in my list? Comment below and let us hear about it! And remember, you don’t need a Mermaid tail to be a Mermaid! Being a Mermaid is all about what’s in your heart!


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