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Tailmaker Tuesday Mertailor by Sydney Mermaids

Tail Maker tuesday – Mertailor

Welcome to Tail Maker Tuesday, where each week Sydney Mermaids interviews a different Mermaid Tail Maker from around the globe in an effort to promote and support mermaid-owned businesses. This week we interview Eric Ducharme, the creator of Mertailor!

What inspired you to start a Mermaid Business?

Growing up is Florida, I was surrounded by the water. I grew up fishing, swimming and loving all of it! My Grandparents took me to Weeki Wachee Springs and I was “hooked”. Before mermaids became thing in recent years I was all about it!

What did your first Mermaid tail look like?

From photos and what I recall, plastic trash bags and duct tape! 

Mertailor Tailmaker Tuesday

What are some of your favourite Mermaid tails you’ve made?

That’s a tough one, each one is a unique creation of its own. While I love creating tails for my customers, I truly prefer 100% creative freedom. I feel I get more appreciation from the world and myself..

Tell me a funny story or favourite memory while Mermaiding.

Honestly, I don’t think I can think of one?

What have you learned from owning a Mermaid Business?

I think owning a mermaid business is like owning any there business. But what makes owning a company that makes mermaid dreams come true is seeing those dreams come true!

What do people do when you tell them you own your own Mermaid Business?

They simply look with one brow raised.

Mertailor Tailmaker Tuesday 2

How do you respond to negativity or comments from trolls?

Normally I don’t. There’s no winning and why put that energy out there?

One thing you can’t Mermaid without?

Honesty, positivity and love!

What advice can you give to others who want to be a Mermaid? (or start a Mermaid Business?)

Be you, be unique and one of a kind

Do you have any Mermaid tips you would like to share?

I’d have to refer to the answer above 🙂

What do you love the most about Mermaiding?

Being free, being able to be creative 🙂

Who are some other mermaids you look up to and why?

I look up to anyone who wants to put on a tail and live their dreams. Just the general everyday Joe or Barbara of you will. These are the people who make what I do so special.

What are your plans for the future?

Generally I’m very secretive about questions and answers such as this BUT since I was a child, making tails wasn’t just my dream. Having my own venue for underwater performing was the biggest goal I wanted to achieve. In 2021, Mertailor will be opening up an educational marine facility alongside a mermaid and underwater performance venue! This is will include various “camps” and classes for those wanting to take their mermaiding to the next level!

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