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Tail Maker Tuesday Sydney Mermaids

Tail Maker tuesday – neverland tails

Welcome to Tail Maker Tuesday, where each week Sydney Mermaids interviews a different Mermaid Tail Maker from around the globe in an effort to promote and support mermaid-owned businesses. Our first featured tail maker is Josie Carter of Neverland Tails based in South Australia. Her handmade tails are exceptionally beautiful, and we can’t wait to buy one for our very own!

Hey there! We are Neverland Tails! A fabric tail company that creates seasonal, unique and bright tails right here in South Australia!

What inspired you to start a Mermaid Business?

Being a mermaid myself it was always hard to purchase mermaid tails alike from across the seas due to time zones! Not only the time zones but the conversion rates have always been a nightmare for anyone who resides internationally, I was inspired to start a small business of mermaid tails due to the reasons above and also because I take joy in graphics design and digital art (which I have been doing for years now! I’m glad I have found a love that’s not only fun for me but so useful for mermaids around Australia too!)

What did your first Mermaid tail look like?

My first mermaid tail that I created was the MerBlu! Our MerBlu is advertised in our first season of tails that will be available in 2021; it is a beautiful oasis blue with yellow/pink/orange accents. One of our good friends Mermaid Naqulaan on Instagram owns the very first one we ever made!

What are some of your favourite Mermaid tails you’ve made?

I have a few up my sleeve but I can’t show them yet! But within the first season and the custom tails we have made in the past I’ve got to say one was Mermaid Rosa’s custom tail (on Instagram) and the MerBlu, pure and original.

Elliekhor in the Sakura Skies tail

Tell me a funny story or favourite memory while Mermaiding.

My favourite memory would be actually meeting my local pod for the first time! We have such a wide range of variety in tails, mersonas and more and it really inspired me to create tails! The best part was my husband isn’t super shy at trying new things and so we ordered him a tail and he came down with us too! Which in turn interested more mermen in our local pod as he was roughly the only one that had a tail fully! It felt good to be a part of a friend group that understand our quirky ways!

What have you learned from owning a Mermaid Business?

Oh tonnes of things! Especially this year! We have learned that sometimes things aren’t in our control and we have to work around them the best we can (“Thanks Covid!”) and working through what is suitable fabric, what’s the best thread and sewing technique, if we were going too overboard or making it too simple! We’ve covered basically everything you can think of throughout one year! Heck we’re still learning new techniques on design to really bring out our ideas from our brain onto tail!

What do people do when you tell them you own your own Mermaid Business?

They get excited! The best part about my job is not only seeing merfolk alike become excited for what we bring out but even communities that are not part of the mermaiding world become so infatuated with how magical things can be and how we can morph fantasy into reality! It’s like watching a fully grown adult learn that they can still have their imagination run wild like they used to when they were kids.

How do you respond to negativity or comments from trolls?

I haven’t really been in the small business world for long so I haven’t had a huge amount of trolls but the best way to deal with them is to ignore them, everyone has dislikes and likes and not everyone is going to enjoy what you do! As long as you enjoy what you’re doing in the community it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

One thing you can’t Mermaid without?

Honestly my GoPro! Even if it’s just me and my husband going for a swim or if its the whole local pod, I always love to capture the moments where I and my friends are the most happiest.

Lauren Davidson in her Blood Siren tail

What advice can you give to others who want to be a Mermaid? (or start a Mermaid Business?)

Do your research and take it slow! Whether that’s becoming a mermaid or starting a business, you don’t want to jump in head first without learning the technique to swimming in a tail, knowing the safety guidelines and researching locations around you that are safe for you to swim in and ALWAYS bring a mertender with you! Never swim alone!

Do you have any Mermaid tips you would like to share?

If you’re scared of opening your eyes under the ocean but have opened your eyes in chlorine, just do it. Trust me. It’s the best feeling to be able to see sea life right underneath you without the fear of “will it hurt my eyes” live a little and see the world underneath the waves.

What do you love the most about Mermaiding?

“Zoomies!!” I love using my Mahina Merfin and my Finis shooter and being able to swim quite fast, its a refreshing feeling when you can feel the water literally push past your cheeks!

Who are some other mermaids you look up to and why?

There are so many mermaids that I could name but I will put them into categories! My biggest inspirations are the mermaids that are out there trying to change the world, educating humans about recycling and doing the best for our earth! Also the mermaids that do birthday parties and events, keeping the magic alive in children and adults alike, the world needs more magic sometimes. Not to mention every mermaid out there doing this for themselves, for their health and for their love of a hobby that can sometimes be looked down on as childish (If only the people who snob their noses would see how fantastic mermaiding really is).

What are your plans for the future?

To grow Neverland Tails into a fully functioning and exciting business! To be able to call it my full time job and love what I do!

Want to find out more on Neverland Tails? Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for updates and more!

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Originally from Oregon, Mermaid Lauren is a digital designer + illustrator now living in Sydney, Australia. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she spent her childhood swimming in waterfalls, learning about the world of Faeries and dreaming about being a Mermaid. When she isn't doing beach clean-ups with her local environmental groups or swimming in the ocean with friends, you can find her drawing comics about mermaids here. She also loves baby bunnies, Sailor Moon and bubble tea.


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